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Yastrid Cannula for filler with Best Performance and Competitive Price

Yastrid cannula is based on advanced technology and production equipment. It is the most ideal choice for injecting dermal fillers. It can be inserted into the skin tissue smoothly, perfectly injecting fillers, reducing the pain of injection, and providing patients with a pleasant injection experience.
As the company’s best-selling product, Yastrid blunt cannula has been well received and repurchased by customers. The company’s products are sold to many countries around the world, and in 2023, they obtained FDA certification, which also demonstrates the safety and compliance of our products.

Yastrid Microcannula Make Your Filler Injection Smoothly and Safely

Yastrid 18G microcannula

The 18G cannula is used for injecting super macromolecule hyaluronic acid dermal filler and bone filler.

Yastrid 22G microcannula

It is used as an aesthetic procedure on all areas across the face.

Yastrid 23g microcannula

Microcannula 23G is another helpful option for macromolecular filler: nasolabial folds, forehead injection, nose filling, etc.

Yastrid 25g microcannula

The cannula is the hottest cannula for dermal fillers and achieves almost all facial treatments.

Yastrid 27G microcannula

It is mainly used to inject less viscous fillers in cheek and forehead areas.

Yastrid 30G microcannula

The 30G cannula is almost the thinnest cannula, used for under eye filler injection.

One Incision, Less Swelling

Compared with sharp needles, cannulas for fillers do not need to pierce the epidermal skin multiple times or create multiple wounds. A blunt cannula only requires one incision to complete an area injection, which can reduce damage to the skin surface and reduce the subsequent redness and swelling. The feature of a cannula makes the injection process of dermal fillers safer and more reliable, and there is no need to worry about blood clots or other serious side effects caused by punctured blood vessels. For example, injections at the mandibular line can be completed by adjusting the direction of the blunt needle, and one incision can complete the complete injection of one side of the cheek.

Yastrid cannula for fillers

A Round Tip for More Safety

Yastrid blunt cannula for fillers uses advanced production technology to create a more rounded needle, making the shape of the needle safer without affecting insertion, reducing the possibility of puncturing blood vessels, especially for the injection of fillers under the eyes, which can be avoided blood clots. The clots caused by the puncture of blood vessels under the eyes can affect the vision of the eyes in severe cases.

Yastrid Cannula – Great Combination about Rigidity and Flexibility

Experiments have shown that the bending degree of the blunt needle is very important for the injection of dermal fillers. If the blunt needle is too stiff, it will not be conducive for the operator to adjust the injection direction of the blunt needle to achieve precise injection; if the blunt needle is too flexible, it will not be easy to operate, and it will increase the difficulty for the operator. Moderate flexibility is the ideal state for a blunt needle. The Yastrid blunt needle has achieved great success in this regard and has received a lot of praise from operating physicians.

Yastrid cannula for fillers

How Can We Make The Excellent Microcannula?

Automatic Packing
Yastrid cannula for fillers is packaged with thick package paper and great tightness.
Yastrid cannula for fillers workshop
Quality Control
All Yastrid cannula for fillers must go through strict testing and quality control progress.
We use ethylene oxide gas sterilization to disinfect our microcannulas to ensure zero contamination.

Why Yastrid Microcannula is Selling As Hot Cakes?


Yastrid Microcannula Size


Yastrid Cannula for Fillers – The Ultimate FAQ Guide

1. Is a cannula or needle better for fillers?

Cannula is better than needle for fillers due to safety and less side effects. Compared to sharp needles, Blunt cannula can reduce the chance of blooding and swelling, making the experience of injection more enjoyable for patients. Besides, cannula only cause one incision meaning less damage to the skin and reduce the chance of infections.

Therefore, the price of cannula is more expensive than needles.

2. What cannula is best for cheek fillers?

The 25G cannula is the best cannula for injecting cheek dermal fillers. It can inject and fill a large area of the cheek through an incision. The size is suitable and can achieve plumping of the cheeks, fill in the nasolabial folds and create a smooth jawline.

3. Can a cannula damage a vein?

Cannula for fillers have rounded needles that will not puncture blood vessels or even skin tissue when the force is not strong. cannula for fillers will automatically avoid blood vessels during injection and will not penetrate blood vessels and cause excessive bleeding and excessive swelling.

4. How do you choose the right cannula for fillers?

How to choose high-quality blunt needles should start from the following aspects:
First, choose a cannula for filler that is officially certified by the FDA;

Secondly, select the appropriate cannula size according to the injection location of the dermal injection;

Finally, choose a cannula with suitable flexibility. The experience of using a blunt needle varies from person to person. You can choose to get a sample and experiment to decide whether the blunt needle is suitable for you.

Yastrid blunt needles provide free samples. If you need, please contact our sister for more details of cannula for fillers.

5. How deep should the filler be injected?

Fillers should be injected into the shallow depth of the subcutaneous tissue. On the one hand, this deep injection is very safe. On the other hand, it can improve the contour of the entire face through small adjustments and create smoother and more beautiful lines. For more specific professional knowledge, please consult the relevant physician.

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