Half-a-Dozen Ways to Solve: Can You Lose a Double Chin

A double chin may be one of the cutest features you’ll see on a baby — but that’s about it. However, a double chin doesn’t go well with the occasional selfie for most adults. That’s why it doesn’t come as a surprise that we would go to great lengths just to get rid of it; we even search for “can you lose a double chin?” a hundred times each month! Thankfully, you can reduce, if not completely remove, a double chin by just following a few practices and solutions.

Can You Lose a Double Chin

Maintaining a healthy weight through regular diet and exercise comes right off the top of our heads, but that doesn’t always cut it. Fat distribution is also largely influenced by genetics. So if you’ve ever heard of someone complaining about how they’re so thin but still have chubby cheeks, that’s not on them — it’s just their DNA.

Now, when it comes to submental fat deposition (the fat found under your chin) it’s the same thing — your genetics is primarily responsible for that. Nevertheless, you have options to fix that (several proven-effective ways). You can overcome nature and reduce or even eliminate your chin’s evil twin — say, for example, a thread lift.

How Can You Lose a Double Chin: Thread Lifting

Thread lifts are minimally invasive cosmetic procedures that involve inserting medical-grade PDO threads, PCL threads, or PLLA threads under the skin and “pulling” these threads to tighten the skin. This approach works wonders for double chins, and since it is minimally invasive, recovery is quick with almost no risk for scarring and bruising.

Lose a Double Chin with Yastrid PDO Threads

Thread lifts give you the best bang for your buck, as the effects last for years with proper care. Moreover, thread lifts are less costly compared to facelift surgery. Are you still not convinced? Below, we explore some of the other methods you can try to regain your chin’s singularity.

What Causes a Double Chin?

To give you the best answer to your tireless question “can you lose a double chin?” you first need to know what causes it. A double chin means, according to most authorities in the medical field and authority sources (dictionaries like Meriam Webster) an accumulation of fat. This fat is precise as it is located underneath your jawline or chin, the same as when we define belly fat that is found in your stomach area.

We have a variety of factors that might contribute to the buildup of submental fat, from aging to poor diet. However, one other factor that holds more water is that double chins are more common in those with a family history of these conditions. That means it’s hereditary and has everything to do with your genetics.

Other than genetics or your unique DNA code, you or any person may start having a double chin by means of abrupt or sudden weight changes that you do due to severe calorie loss from fasting or exercise.

If you lose over two kilograms a week, that’s a sudden change that may cause other problems. Double chins become more apparent and even more pronounced as we age; that’s because our skin loses its elasticity the older we become. As we age, it fixing a double chin becomes more and more challenging due to our declining metabolism and slower collagen production.

Five Other Ways to Answer: Can You Lose a Double Chin?

1. How to Lose Double Chin Exercises

Getting rid of a double chin is easier than you would think, and you can start right now at home. Our bodies naturally burn fat via exercise. You may reduce submental fat by activating your double chin or jawline muscles. To ensure a significant change, you must stick with your regimen daily. The following are some examples of face workouts to try:

Jaw Jutting

Foremost, get into position by tilting your head back. Then try your best to push your jaw forward without the assistance of your arms. Do it until you feel a stretch (just enough that you feel tension, not pain) under your chin (front of your neck). Maintain this form for as long as you can before returning to a neutral position. A good indicator that you’ve held it long enough is a bearable pain. The moment that it becomes unbearable, release the tension.

Ball Exercise

As the name suggests, use a 9-12 inch ball and place it securely but comfortably under your chin. Press down against the ball until you feel it secured, touching your neck. You can repeat this exercise 25 times per day.

Ball Exercise to help lose a double chin

Pucker Up

Look to the sky with your head tilted back and pucker your lips to stretch your chin’s underside. Maintain this position for a few seconds (while still comfortable), then return to a normal posture.

lose double chin with Pucker Up

Tongue Stretch

When doing this exercise, make sure that your head is leveled properly. Once you’re in that position, try your best to stick your tongue out (like the first exercise, tension, and not pain) as far as you possibly can.

Once it’s all out, try lifting your tongue to reach the tip of your nose for 10-15 seconds. After 15 seconds, carefully release and relax. Again, a good indicator to release is subtle pain or tension.

Neck Stretch

Tilt your head backward (just to the point that you are comfortable, and then press your tongue as hard (but not too much that it causes severe discomfort) as you can against the roof of your mouth. Maintain this position for 10-12 counts and release.

Doing Neck Stretch to lose double chin

Bottom Jaw Jutting

Look up and tilt your head back, then slowly face to your right (do not do this action abruptly to avoid pinched nerves in your shoulder. Hold this for 5-10 seconds, then repeat on the other side.

Even chewing gum has been proven to help you lose that persistent double chin fat by getting your jaw muscles to work hard (especially if you can discipline yourself to do it every day). Aside from reducing your lower chin from only doing face or head exercises mentioned above — regular, full-body exercises can also help improve your general health and tone your body. When you have a toned body, it also gives you a lean appearance, including your face.

Dieting alone can be enough and an effective strategy (most effective for those with physical problems) to remove your extra chin. Reducing your intake of processed and fried foods, as well as those heavy in sugar and fat, and increasing your intake of fresh fruits and vegetables is an excellent start to reduce your excess weight and facial fat without the need for exercise.

Your Double Chin’s Treatment Options

Even if you’re in good health with a sculpted body, you could still face some appearance problems due to your genetic code in choosing where to store your fat: double chin. Good thing for you, we have other options for you to try apart from working out that may provide a faster and more positive outcome.

These products and procedures will help you get rid of the stubborn fat that exercise and diet can’t help.

2. Moisturizers

The firming and moisturizing properties of these products containing vitamins and plant extracts can make your skin look and feel younger. Apply moisturizer every morning and night. If you’re looking to firm or tighten your neck and chin area, look for items that say so right on the label (some moisturizers do not have any firming effects). Vitamin C, collagen, green tea extracts, and other ingredients are often included in firming moisturizers to enhance collagen production.

astrid Hyaluronic Acid Essence

3. Mouthpieces and Other Tools

If you don’t want the intake route to solve your double chin concern, you may also utilize tools instead. You can also use chin applicators that act as a muscle stimulator (this can help, in theory, enhance fat burn in that area). This tool, the chin applicator, can tighten the submental skin by using a strap or belt. However, there are only a handful of studies to back its effectiveness — nonetheless, it’s worth trying.

4. Massagers

You may also use neck-tightening massagers that are engineered to work specifically in reducing the appearance of a double chin through intense vibrators. You can do this by using a roller gadget readily available in most eCommerce stores. Using this tool can stimulate collagen formation and fat burning, and it can even improve blood circulation to encourage neocollagenesis.

Take Massagers to lose double chin

5. Treatments for Lipolysis

If you want to get rid of your double chin significantly faster without the need for skin cutting and extensive three-hour-long operations (similar to our first recommendation in this article), feel free to consider lipolysis treatments. Although these are expensive — injection and laser lipolysis — they are two double chin reducing procedures that we and most dermatologists strongly recommend.

Lose double chine with Treatments for Lipolysis

You can reduce stubborn fat causing your double chin by using injection lipolysis, which involves injecting a solution that melts fat cells. For the most remarkable results (and long-lasting), we advise patients to undergo this therapy at least four times. The sessions should be spread every two to three weeks (this gap is decided by the dermatologist).

Laser lipolysis, another lipolysis tech and procedure that uses heat energy from a laser beam is also another reliable method that we recommend as it targets specific fat cells in your face, jawline, and chin. Both of these recommendations do not entail discomfort during the operation. However, you may experience pain, swelling, and bruising but should fade away in a matter of days.

Frequently Asked Questions About Double Chins

If you lose weight, will your double chin go away?

Yes, your double chin will likely go away by losing extra weight. However, it is virtually impossible to spot-reduce fat in a specific area. That is why it is best to lose weight overall to increase the probability of seeing significant changes in submental fat. Of course, genetics also comes into play as it dictates fat distribution throughout your body. Some individuals can simply have genes that code for fat deposition in these areas, so if you lose weight and still do not have the desired effect, then that is the time when you can try exploring other options.

How do you lose a double chin in 5 minutes (Is this possible)?

A double chin doesn’t develop overnight, so it’s hard to imagine that it would magically disappear. Still, with so many tricks and tips to try, there’s no need for your to lose hope in fixing your double chin. Facial workouts and cosmetics can be your first course of action. Or better yet — for the fastest and most reliable result — get a thread lift and see your double chin go away in a matter of minutes.

Does losing weight lose face fat?

Losing weight (especially if you’re overweight, to begin with) has many health benefits and aesthetic ones. Not only does maintaining a normal BMI extend your life and reduce susceptibility to certain diseases, but it can also make your delicate features more defined.

You’ve probably seen a friend look entirely different before and after weight loss. Chances are, a popping cheekbone or collarbone can be something you can flaunt on your next story too. Just make sure to lose weight healthily (lose only a kilogram each week), and you’re all set.

Does chewing gum get rid of a double chin?

Chewing gum regularly can help define your jaw and chin area to reduce the appearance of a double chin. Coupled with weight loss through a healthy diet and exercise makes a more pronounced and permanent result.

Can you lose a double chin in a week?

Losing a double chin may seem pretty straightforward. After all, it’s just one part of our face. However, it can be challenging to get rid of it immediately through natural means. Adapting a more healthy lifestyle helps, but if that proves unachievable for your schedule, you can always call on the friendly neighborhood cosmetic surgeon.

Final Words

The best things in life come in pairs — except when it comes to chins. That’s why we endlessly search “can you lose a double chin?” on the internet. Although having a double chin isn’t a reliable sign of poor physical health, it’s nowhere near a magnet of compliments. And while we continue to live in a society, the pressure to conform to beauty ideals remains.

That is why keeping a low body fat percentage through a healthy lifestyle is ideal if you want to avoid developing a double chin. There are also many ways to burn the fat in this area through treatments and product applications. Muscle definition can also be enhanced through simple exercises, while thread lifts can instantly tighten the skin — all so that you can finally keep your chin up with pride.

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