What’s the Best Thread for Cat Eye Thread Lifts?

cat eye thread lift

Within the constantly changing realm of non-surgical cosmetic procedures, the cat eye thread lift is a fad that has gained widespread attention.

Women have been trying to get the cat or fox eye look for decades. They have been sporting this look using the magic of eyeliners for years. But eyeliner only works for a short while.

Thanks to advancements in medical technology, there is now an improved method for achieving a cat-like tilt effect without the need for cosmetics. The cat eye thread lift is a transient, less invasive facelift technique that uses threads to yield similar results that last longer.

But there are a lot of threads to be used: PDO, PCL, and PLLA. Which is the best? To help you make an educated choice, here’s an in-depth look at which are the best thread for cat eye thread lifts.

But first;

Comprehending Cat Eye Thread Lifts

cat eye thread lift procedure

Imagine having a non-invasive surgery that improves your inherent beauty, minimizes wrinkles, and lifts sagging skin. For you, that is the cat eye thread Lift!

Dissolvable threads are used in this innovative procedure to tighten and elevate the skin around the eyes, giving the appearance of a feline, alluring glance. The finest aspect? The results are natural, and the process is quick with little downtime.

What Threads Are Used During a Cat Eye Thread Lift and How?

During this surgery, specialized threads raise and tighten the skin around the eyes. The most common threads used are PDO, PLLA, and PCL. These threads are further categorized into Smooth (Mono) and Bi-directional Barb (COG) threads.

Unlike unidirectional barbed thread, which has barbs pointing in only one direction, bi-directional barbed thread has barbs facing opposite directions.

One advantage of utilizing bi-directional barbs is that they face each other on the thread. As a result, one side of the thread lifts while the other side acts as an anchor when the thread is placed into the face.

When the thread is pushed higher, the elevated portion elevates and is kept from falling by the anchoring. This is known as anchoring.

Considerations for Selecting Threads

Before you settle on the best thread for cat eye thread lifts, several things need to be carefully considered while selecting the proper threads, including your skin type, the desired level of lift, and the practitioner’s level of competence.

Consider it like trying to fit into the ideal garment; every type of thread has a distinct personality, so the trick is to choose the one that best suits you.

1. Skin Type and State

Selecting the best thread for cat eye thread lifts begins with thoroughly understanding your skin type and condition. Because different thread types may react differently with varying skin textures, it’s essential to consider elasticity, thickness, and general health.

During a consultation, a trained professional will evaluate your skin to identify the best thread type that complements your particular skin type.

2. Desired Lift and Rejuvenation Level

It’s critical to specify your aesthetic objectives precisely. Whether you desire a more conspicuous lift or a refined augmentation, sharing your prospects with the physician will help them select the correct threads.

Although some thread types emphasize subtle variations, others suggest a dramatic lift. You and your physician can cooperate in selecting the best thread for cat eye thread lifts that fund your vision by plainly communicating your goals.

3. Practitioner Proficiency

PDO smooth thread

The outcome of your cat eye thread lift intensely hangs on the physician’s skill. In addition to supporting you in selecting suitable threads, an informed and skilled professional will guarantee the procedure is done precisely and prudently.

Get references from contented clientele, check before-and-after pictures of the physician’s previous work, and study their skill with the existing thread kinds. An expert aesthetician can meaningfully influence reaching the best conceivable results.

4. Possible Adverse Reactions and Risks

There are risks and possible adverse effects related to every aesthetic process. It’s vital to comprehend what to forestall from each type of thread. Even though complications are rare, being conscious of the likely risks allows you to make a knowledgeable choice.

Converse with your physician concerning possible side effects, and guarantee you know how to deal with and lessen complications.

5. Budgetary Considerations

Understanding the financial implications of cosmetic operations is essential because they are an investment in oneself. The cost of various thread kinds may differ, so you must discuss money matters with your practitioner.

Remember that to guarantee a safe and successful conclusion, the caliber of the treatment and the practitioner’s experience should come first, even though financial concerns are also significant.

Various Thread Types—Choose the Best Thread for Cat Eye Thread Lifts

best thread for cat eye thread lifts

Now, it’s time to select your thread type. With a wide range of thread alternatives to suit individual preferences and intended results, the world of cat eye thread lifts is extensive and exciting.

Let’s examine the three primary thread kinds in more detail: PCL (polycaprolactone), PLLA (poly-L-lactic acid), and PDO (polydioxanone).

PDO Threads

PDO threads resemble the cat eye thread lift industry’s young weavers. They function by inducing the creation of collagen, which naturally lifts your skin. They’re an excellent option for people just starting with cosmetic modifications because the benefits can last several months.

Because PDO threads offer the most choices for lifting and rejuvenating tissues for 18 to 24 months, they are the most common type of threads available.


  • Stimulates Collagen Production: PDO threads function by encouraging the manufacture of collagen, a vital protein that gives skin its suppleness. This promotes long-term renewal in addition to providing an instant boost. As a result, the patient’s outer corners of the eyes have better definition due to increased skin volume and brow fullness.
  • Fast Results with Little Downtime: One of PDO threads’ primary benefits is their comparatively quick turnaround. Following the operation, patients usually see benefits immediately, and there is little downtime, so that they can return to their regular activities immediately.
  • Versatility: PDO threads are an excellent choice for anyone seeking a mild lift in many face locations because they are adaptable and may be used for different facial areas.

PDO threads are helpful for body, face, contouring, and tissue rejuvenation operations. They can also successfully increase the skin’s flexibility in the procedure area by tightening it through myofibroblasts.

PDO is a safe suture material for insertion since, among other things, it is neither antigenic norpyrogenic. Furthermore, PDO induces favorable alterations in the surrounding tissues, leading to enhanced vascular environment, fibrous merging effect, collagen synthesis stimulation, and tissue contracture.

PLLA Threads

PLLA threads, also known as poly-L-lactic acid, are the unseen architects. They encourage a longer-lasting lift by progressively increasing collagen synthesis. Even if the effects might take a little longer to show, PLLA threads have a fantastic lifespan, which makes them popular among people looking for timeless beauty.


  • Results That Are Gradual and Last: PLLA threads work as collagen architects to give a gradual lift that improves with time. Because of the remarkable results’ longevity, even though the initial effects might take a little longer, PLLA threads are recommended for people looking for long-lasting improvements.
  • Natural-Looking Enhancement: The progressive nature of PLLA threads leads to an increasingly natural-looking enhancement. This is incredibly enticing to those who desire elegance in their aesthetic procedures.

PCL Threads

yastrid pcl z type molding cog thread

In thread lifts, Polycaprolactone, or PCL, threads are time sculptors. In addition to offering an instant lift, PCL threads promote collagen formation for a longer-lasting result. PCL threads are distinguished by their distinct qualities, making them perfect for anyone seeking a holistic solution.


  • Instant and Extended Lift: PCL threads can have long-lasting effects by promoting collagen formation. PCL threads are unique among sculptors because of this dual action, which solves problems immediately and lays the groundwork for long-term solutions.
  • Perfect for All-Inclusive Solutions: PCL threads are constructive for anyone seeking an all-inclusive method of face rejuvenation. They promote long-term collagen production and provide an immediate confidence boost.

So, which is the Finest Among Them?

Here’s the vital question: what kind of thread is the best thread for cat eye thread lifts? The beauty of individualization is where the truth is. Every type of thread has its perks, and the finest choice will bank on your aims, tastes, and skin type. PDO threads can be your most superb choice if you desire a swift, flexible result with little interruption. If you like a more liberal method and want natural outcomes, PLLA threads are the finest choice. And, for both instant and lasting lift, PCL threads can be the top choice.

In summary

Picking what to wear should be based on your inimitable liking since beauty is a journey. Opting for the perfect threads for your cat eye thread lift needs, finding your exact needs, and speaking with a skilled aesthetician. So, let’s jump into revealing a brighter you, thread by thread!

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