Benefits of Blunt Tipped Cannula

Benefits of Blunt Tipped Cannula

Facial fillers are associated with pain. That’s why most people dread the idea of getting them.  This is because the most used needles used in administering soft tissue dermal filler are hypodermic needles which are sharp and cause a lot of swelling and bruising. However, there are three different types of cannulas used to inject dermal fillers: blunt tip, pointed, and bi-leveled. However, it’s the blunt tipped cannulas that have revolutionized this field of medical aesthetics.

But what makes blunt tip cannula so special? Why do we use this type of cannula instead of the others? Blunt tipped cannulas are safe, less painful, and have little to no complications. And there’s more to the benefits. Here are 7 more benefits of blunt tipped cannulas.

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1. Blunt tip Cannulas are Flexible.

Though smaller in size, blunt tip cannulas give better results compared to the traditional sharp cannulas. Due to this, blunt tipped cannulas are gradually replacing traditional cannulas in any medical spa today because of their small size and flexibility. They only require a few injection sites to get the desired results. The flexibility allows doctors to conduct filler injections in several locations with only one place of entry to reduce bruising.

2. Results with One Point of Entry/ a Single Insertion

Facial fillers are gaining popularity in cosmetic treatments among men. Blunt cannulas are used in these treatments largely because of their low complication rates during injection of dermal fillers. That is because of the uniform delivery with single injection points which make it difficult for micro-injuries to occur due to the delicate facial anatomy.

When you compare needle versus blunt tipped cannulas, you’ll realize sharp needles pierce deep in the skin and require several piercings, while blunt ones are less invasive. Besides, you don’t need several entry points to achieve your desired results. The one point of entry is enough to open up a path between the skin. This results in the treatment of a wider area. So, this single insertion makes a greater impact on improving patients’ experience. It causes less discomfort and avoids potential injury and requires a shorter recovery time.

3. Faster Healing

Do you know you can quickly recover when you undergo surgery with a blunt tipped cannula? Blunt tipped needles require no anesthetic treatment. When administered correctly, blunttip microcannula causes less bleeding, reducing swelling and bruising during injection of fillers.

Also, during cosmetic procedures on the lips, for instance, only one or sometimes two injections are applied, which leads to a fast recovery. And because the cannula pushes aside the blood vessels, there’s no puncturing and little to no discomfort, hence faster healing.

4. Minimal Harm to Nerves and Blood Vessels

Furthermore, blunt tip cannula procedures rarely harm nerves and blood vessels. Like a liposuction cannula, blunt tip cannulas push aside any vein or artery nearby instead of penetrating them.

For that reason, you need to understand them first before applying them efficiently. There are Juvederm, Restylane, Radiesse, and Sculptra blunt tip cannulas, all playing various roles. You need to know their accuracy and have an eye for better quality of the injectables. Remember, they have a higher degree of tolerability and consistency than sharp-tipped cannulas when doing an intravascular injection. That’s how patients find them less painful and with little bruising.

5. Accuracy

Blunt tip is the best cannula method of injecting dermal facial fillers, stretch mark treatments, laser skin tightening, etc. A blunt tip cannula allows for more precision and accuracy as they come in contact with the skin. In fact, they increase accuracy and cause less wasting as there is no need for overfilling.

Accuracy of the cannula prevents the need to rub the product on the skin. It lightens the pressure of the cannula and prevents any product from being left on the surface. And with a rounded tip, the cannulas are a breeze to work with. They provide a more comfortable feel on the skin and have a flexible shaft.

6. Fewer Side Effects

Blunt tip cannula is a great aesthetic treatment for sensitive skin and delicate areas such as the lips and eyes. It is also very safe for children and pets. As they offer the highest level of comfort, there’s much control of the treatment for the patient. It means fewer side effects can be noted after a cosmetic procedure.

A study by Jama Dermatol comparing rates of vascular occlusion by sharp tipped needles and blunt tipped ones show a very low risk of intravascular occlusion in blunt ones. Besides, any occlusions that occurred did resolutely with no scars nor wounds.

7. Reliable Technique

Facial fillers are not new, but the use of cannulas is relatively new. They inject materials such as facial fillers, anti-wrinkle injections, and laser treatments. The use of blunt-tipped cannulas eliminates the need for stitches or sutures to close the incision once the filler has been injected.

The cannulas have a blunt rounded tip to minimize damage while delivering treatment such as Botox. The purpose of the cannula is to deliver the treatment to the desired point. Furthermore, the needle can be as small as 3 mm or as large as 12.7 mm in diameter, and the length of the cannula varies between 9 and 20 inches making it effective and gentle during treatment.

So, if you’re looking for the best facial look or tummy tuck, a blunt tipped cannula is a reliable technique.


As a practice owner, you invest time and money into providing your patients with the best treatment and care. Facial fillers are an excellent means of adding volume to aging skin. Fillers are available through the mouth or through injections. There’s no doubt that the needles you use to inject fillers can impact your patient’s experience. You may be using straight-lanced needles optimally designed for facial injections. But the best option is blunt tip cannulas, which can provide numerous benefits to your patient’s facial rejuvenation, skin rejuvenation, breast lift, tummy etc., as discussed above. So choose us to provide you with the best cannulas for filler injection.

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