Before and After PDO Thread Lifts

In the realm of medical aesthetics, there has been a remarkable advancement in non-surgical facelift procedures. One such procedure that has gained significant popularity and acclaim is the PDO thread lift. 

Before and After PDO Thread Lifts

We are excited to showcase the transformative power of PDO thread lifts through real-life before and after PDO thread lifts pictures. We’ll explore what PDO threads are, their benefits, how to choose the right type of thread for your face, how long the results last, and answer some frequently asked questions about PDO threads. 

Join us on this visual journey to discover the incredible results that can be achieved with this cutting-edge treatment.

PDO Thread Lift Defined

This cosmetic treatment method is non-surgical, minimally invasive, and incredibly popular because it yields instant aesthetic improvement with little to no recovery time. 

It uses microscopic, biocompatible Polydioxanone threads implanted beneath the skin to build a structural support system. The threads rapidly ease loose skin and wrinkles as time goes on, but they disappear over time without leaving any residual effects.

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Before and After PDO Thread Lifts

The treatment process typically lasts under an hour, depending on how many areas you want to treat; however, each patient’s unique necessities can influence the length of the procedure. It necessitates the insertion of fine surgical threads into the skin, which instantly tighten it up while lifting sagging features back into place, giving your overall appearance a more youthful look. 

The moment the treatment concludes, the recovery process commences almost immediately, with results noticeable in a short period of time. The results may last between 12 and 18 months, contingent upon individual necessities and lifestyle habits.

The threads dissolve naturally over time, eliminating any possibility of scarring or infection. It is suitable for all ages and can even be applied to sensitive skin types!

Moreover, these lifts can be combined with other cosmetic procedures, such as dermal fillers or Botox, for more impressive rejuvenation results. Additionally, because it is minimally invasive, the side effects are minimal, and no requirement for general anesthesia. Why not give yourself a much-needed lift today and see what PDO Thread Lifts can offer you?

Choosing the Right Type of Thread for the Best Outcome

The procedure is painless and quick, with up to 18 months of results. To ensure maximum benefits and avoid potential complications, it’s essential to research the right type and size of thread for your needs. Before making a choice, seek advice from a skilled professional. 

Understanding Different Types of Threads:

We have:

Yastrid Various PDO Threads
Yastrid Various PDO Threads

Smooth Thread

 They improve skin texture and promote the secretion of collagen. They do not provide significant lifting effects but are effective in enhancing skin quality and reducing fine lines and wrinkles.

Yastrid Pdo Mono Thread

Barbed Threads

Barbed threads provide immediate lift and are ideal for addressing sagging skin in areas such as the jowls, neck, and eyebrows. The tissues are raised as they penetrate the skin and bind there.

Yastrid Pdo Cog Thread

Screw Threads

Screw threads feature a twisted pattern along the length, which has the impact of elevating and volumizing. These threads are suitable for areas that require more significant support and tightening, such as the cheeks and nasolabial folds.

Yastrid Pdo Threads

Factors to Consider When Choosing the Right Thread

Concerns and Goals

Identify your specific facial concerns and goals. Do you wish to address sagging skin, improve skin texture, or target specific areas like the jawline or eyebrows? Knowing your desired result can assist you in choosing the kind of thread that fits your demands.

Skin Thickness

Thicker skin may require stronger and more robust threads to achieve optimal lifting and tightening effects, while thinner skin may benefit from finer threads to avoid visible irregularities.

Degree of Sagging

Assess the degree of sagging in the target areas. Barbed threads are typically recommended for moderate to severe sagging, providing a more significant lift, while smooth or screw threads may be suitable for mild sagging or skin rejuvenation purposes.

Before PDO Thread Lifting

One must be aware of specific considerations and preparations before undergoing any procedure to maximize the procedure’s benefits. This subtopic will discuss critical factors to remember before PDO thread lifting to ensure you can fully enjoy its advantages.

Consultation with a Qualified Professional

During this consultation, you can discuss your aesthetic goals, expectations, and concerns with the professional. 

They will assess skin elasticity, medical history, and any previous cosmetic procedures you may have had to help you gain realistic expectations and ensure that PDO thread lifting is the right choice.

Recovery Expectations

Understanding the recovery process is crucial for maximizing the benefits of PDO thread lifting. While the procedure is minimally invasive, it still involves some downtime. 

Mostly, there is a possibility of some bruising, swelling, and sores at the threading sites after the procedure. It is essential to follow your healthcare provider’s post-procedure instructions regarding aftercare, including any limitations on activities, skincare routines, and medication usage. 

Adhering to the recovery guidelines will help minimize discomfort and optimize the healing process, allowing you to enjoy the benefits of PDO thread lifting more quickly.

Realistic Expectations

While the procedure can provide noticeable improvements in skin laxity and a more youthful appearance, it may not produce the same dramatic results as surgical facelifts. So, have some realistic expectations. 

Understanding the limitations and potential outcomes of PDO thread lifting will help you avoid disappointment and appreciate the natural-looking enhancements it offers.

The Benefits oF PDO Thread Lifts

Are you ready to turn back the clock and unleash a more youthful version of yourself? In the dynamic world of medical aesthetics, this non-surgical facelift procedure has taken the industry by storm, offering a revolutionary solution for those seeking a lifted and rejuvenated appearance. 

Prepare to be amazed as we explore the extraordinary advantages of PDO thread lifts, a cutting-edge technique that will leave you feeling like you’ve discovered the fountain of youth. Get ready to embark on an exciting journey where sagging skin becomes a thing of the past, and a refreshed, revitalized you emerges. 

Let’s dive into the transformative power of PDO thread lifts and unlock a world of possibilities for your aesthetic. But before we embark on the examples, let’s first look at the benefits:


This is a non-surgical procedure. You will not have to be given surgical anesthesia but some local ones or a numbing cream to make the procedure comfortable. 

Customizable Treatment

PDO thread lifts can be completely tailored to each patient’s specific requirements and objectives. Whether you require a subtle lift or more pronounced contouring, the treatment can be tailored accordingly.

Immediate Results

One of the outstanding advantages of this procedure is that you might see dramatic changes in your appearance immediately. The threads act as an anchor to lift and tighten your saggy skin, enhancing your looks.

Natural-Looking Rejuvenation

You’ll definitely look natural, young, and refreshed after this procedure. Why? Because the threads prick the skin, they provoke the production of new collagen that ensures your skin looks young and natural again! This process allows for a subtle, gradual transformation that appears entirely natural.

Long-lasting Effects

While the body eventually absorbs the threads used in a PDO lift, the collagen production they trigger continues to deliver long-lasting results. The newly formed collagen fibers replace the dissolved threads, providing ongoing support and maintaining the lift for 12-18 months.

Minimal Downtime

Following the initial few days of the treatment, most patients can return to their regular routines. To guarantee the best recovery and results, it is crucial to adhere to the post-treatment care recommendations made by your healthcare provider.


Threading isn’t solely for facial regeneration. You can use them to lift or tighten the face, neck, cheeks, etc.

The Transformation

Example 1 Wrinkles Remove Before and After PDO Thread Lifts

The skin appears loose, lacking firmness and definition from aging. There are fine lines and wrinkles. 

Before and After PDO Thread Lifts

After the procedure:

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Before and After PDO Thread Lifts

There was immediate lift and tightening. The threads act as a support structure, lifting the sagging skin and creating a more defined and youthful facial contour.

In addition, there was enhanced skin texture. As the skin undergoes remodeling, it becomes smoother and more rejuvenated from the production of collagen.

Example 2: Cheek Lift and Volume Restoration Before and After PDO Thread Lifts

Before: The individual’s cheeks show signs of sagging and a loss of volume, contributing to a tired and aged appearance.

Cheek Lift and Volume Restoration PDO thread lifts
Cheek Lift and Volume Restoration with PDO Thread Lifts

After: PDO thread lifts have effectively lifted and rejuvenated the cheeks, restoring volume and creating a more youthful and refreshed look.

After Cheek Lift and Volume Restoration PDO thread lifts
After Cheek Lift and Volume Restoration PDO thread lifts

Example 3: Eyebrow Lift and Opened Eye Area Before and After PDO Thread Lifts

Before and After PDO Thread Lifts
Eyebrow Lift and Opened Eye Area

Before: The individual has drooping eyebrows, resulting in a tired and aged expression. The eye area appears more closed off.

After: PDO thread lifts have lifted and repositioned the eyebrows, opening up the eye area and creating a more youthful and alert appearance.

Example 4: Nasolabial Fold ReductionBefore and After PDO Thread Lifts

Before: The individual has prominent nasolabial folds, which can create a tired and aged look.

Before Nasolabial Fold Reduction with PDO Thread Lifts
Before Nasolabial Fold Reduction with PDO Thread Lifts

After: PDO thread lifts have effectively reduced the depth of the nasolabial folds, resulting in a smoother and more rejuvenated appearance.

After Nasolabial Fold Reduction with PDO Thread Lifts
After Nasolabial Fold Reduction with PDO Thread Lifts

Example 5: Neck Tightening and Rejuvenation Before and After PDO Thread Lifts

Neck Tightening with PDO Thread Lifts
Neck Tightening with PDO Thread Lifts

Before: The individual has loose and sagging skin on the neck, contributing to an aged and less defined neck contour.

After: These threads have revitalized and tightened the neck, giving it a fresh look with contours.

Example 6: Jawline Definition and Tightening Before and After PDO Thread Lifts

Jawline Definition and Tightening with PDO Thread Lifts

Before: The individual has sagging skin along the jawline, resulting in a loss of definition and a less youthful appearance.

After: Following a PDO thread lift, the jawline appears significantly lifted and tightened, creating a more defined and sculpted look.

How Long Do PDO Thread Lifts Results Last?

Typically, they can last up to 24 months! Of course, this varies person-to-person depending on individual lifestyle factors such as diet, exercise habits, age, and genetics. 

Still, most people can expect around two years of beautiful lifted looks with minimal downtime or discomfort during treatment! The cost of this minimally invasive treatment also varies depending on where you go for treatment but typically ranges between $2-$3 thousand per session, making it an affordable alternative compared with traditional cosmetic surgery procedures like facelifts!

Now that you know more about the before & after benefits of PDO Thread Lifts and how long one should expect their results to last – why not give it a try today!?


What safety precautions should I take after lifting PDO threads?

Safety measures are essential when using PDO threads. Find an experienced medical professional specializing in this treatment for the best results and minimal risk. Choose quality threads made from absorbable materials like polydioxanone (PDO), not permanent materials like silicone or polypropylene.

What Is the Downside after PDO Thread Lifting?

Most people feel only minor discomfort during the treatment due to local anesthesia being used. Following the procedure, there can be some redness or bruising, but this should go away in a matter of days.

How long do a thread lift’s effects last?

Depending on each person’s metabolism, the benefits of a thread lift might last anywhere between nine and eighteen months. Follow-up treatments may be necessary for longer-lasting results.

Immediate benefits include improved skin texture and tone with less visible wrinkles or sagging skin after just one session. 

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