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Yastrid Attending Beauty Fair 2023 in Brazil

Yastrid's Presence at Beauty Fair 2023 in Brazil

Brazil, September 9, 2023

Yastrid, a prominent player in the field of beauty and aesthetics, left an indelible mark at the Beauty Fair 2023 in Brazil. With an impressive display of face lifting threads, microcannula, injectable hyaluronic acid, multi injector needle and other medical aesthetic consumables, Yastrid drew a crowd of enthusiastic attendees keen to explore the world of cutting-edge beauty solutions.

  Beauty Fair Brazil 2023

On September 6th, the Yastrid team embarked on a journey spanning half the globe, bringing with them the products essential for the exhibition. They arrived at the exhibition’s location in São Paulo, Brazil, after a day of adjustments and booth setup, eagerly anticipating the grand exhibition on September 9th.

During the exhibition, our products garnered significant attention and interest. As the medical aesthetics industry is not yet highly mature in Brazil, Yastrid beauty products have a big market there. Yastrid not only provided high-quality medical aesthetic consumables to exhibition attendees but also expanded the horizons of those unfamiliar with the industry. This, in turn, contributed to the advancement of the Brazilian medical aesthetics industry.

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One of the highlights of the event was the overwhelming interest in Yastrid’s products, particularly the injectable hyaluronic acid. Yastrid injectable hyaluronic acid has been proven effective in reducing fine lines, facial folds, and wrinkles. It is also for enhancing your facial structure: adjusting profile, adding lip volume. These many benefits of Yastrid injectable hyaluronic acid attracted visitors’ attention, they expressed their intention to purchase.

Quite a few people at the event engaged in on-site discussions with our sales team regarding potential collaborations. Despite language differences among the diverse attendees, the cooperative spirit prevailed. Yastrid’s team ensured smooth communication with visitors, thanks to the assistance of a skilled translator.

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This effective communication allowed Yastrid to not only introduce its products but also gain valuable insights into the needs and preferences of the attendees. It was a two-way exchange, with Yastrid learning from its audience while showcasing its innovative offerings simultaneously.

During the exhibition, some of our long-standing clients from São Paulo joined us, providing assistance with our exhibition efforts. Additionally, we had clients from Uruguay who made a special trip to participate in the exhibition. We expressed our gratitude for their presence, warmly welcomed them, and engaged in discussions about various aspects of our work.

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After four days of dedication, the Yastrid team introduced our products to each and every visitor, actively listening to their specific needs. This was a successful exhibition where Yastrid overcame language barriers with the attendees, maximizing product visibility, and creating substantial advance in the Brazilian medical aesthetics market with the Yastrid brand.

Beauty Fair 2023 served as a testament to Yastrid’s commitment to global outreach and customer engagement. The event highlighted the company’s dedication to breaking barriers and fostering collaboration, making the world of beauty and aesthetics more accessible to all.

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Yastrid’s presence at Beauty Fair 2023 underscored its position as a leader in the industry, offering high-quality products that transcend language boundaries. As they continue to push the boundaries of innovation, Yastrid remains at the forefront of beauty and aesthetic solutions, enriching lives around the globe.