Advantages of Nose Thread Lift

Many people are looking for a solution to eliminating the sagging skin on their faces that comes with age. One answer is to have a nose thread procedure. The procedure was developed in Japan some years ago and is loved mostly by Asians.

Advantages of Nose Thread Lift

Nose thread lifting is a procedure that tightens the skin in the small area around your nose. It is an excellent alternative to a facelift because it is less invasive. The incision is a single stitch inside your nose, and most of the treatment is completed there. The nose will have a more natural position, and the skin will have more of a youthful look. However, there are many pros and cons of nose thread lift. But the pros outweigh the cons.

So what are some of the advantages of nose thread lift?

Immediate lift

As the artificial parts of our world become more and more realistic, it is no surprise that people are more and more interested in looking as good as possible. One of the most popular procedures today is the nose thread lift.

What is a nose thread lift? Thread lift involves the usage of dissolvable underneath the skin threads that makes it possible to walk out of the clinic with an elevated, tighter-looking complexion. Poly L lactic acid or PDO threads are the most used components in nose threads. It can be broken down by the body once injected in the body, which lifts and firms up the patient’s nose. Patients usually see a difference right away, and it is entirely reversible.

Yastrid Nose Thread Lift

Comfortable and Safe

Another pros of nose thread lift is comfortability and safety. Has the shape or position of your nose made you uncomfortable? Nose thread lift is a quick and safe procedure that helps people who are less comfortable with other surgical procedures. The process is completed under local anesthesia, so the patient does not have to be put under general anesthesia or deal with the risks associated with general anesthesia.

The procedure lasts for only an hour at the most, so it is also a more straightforward procedure to complete. The whole healing process may not go past a week, making it easier for patients worried about safety or time.

No downtime

Unlike other procedures, there is no downtime with nose thread lifting. This is the biggest pro of nose thread lift. You can resume your normal activities immediately after the procedure. Because it’s not invasive, it’s fast and painless, and you have a guarantee to work out of the process and engage in your daily activities with a bit of caution.

Nose Thread Lift With Yastrid Nose thread

Other procedures may involve general anesthesia, severe pain, prolonged recovery time, and more downtime, and nose thread lifting has none of this. You can resume your normal activities right after the procedure.

Also, this type of facial contouring is ideal for those with serious self-esteem issues as it can quickly eliminate those unattractive, deep eye sockets and droopy upper lids.

Long term results

One of the best parts of the nose thread lift is that there are practically no wrinkles and other signs of aging after the procedure. The better news? There should be no evidence of a surgical procedure after the first year post-operation.

In addition to its capability in lifting the skin, nose thread lift PDO dissolvable threads also work to kindle new collagen production progressively. Collagen provides skin with structure; this retains one vibrant complexion for at least a year. And if PCL threads are used, the results are more long-term.

Nose thread lift with Yastrid PCL Nose Thread before after

But is nose threading permanent? More so, results are not permanent. Thus, if you are not pleased, it will only take six to eight months for threads to d

issolve naturally, and you can resort to hyaluronic acid nose fillers.

 No surgery required

Nose thread lifting is one of the most popular new beauty trends since it doesn’t require anything more than a needle and thread to get the desired results. Unlike other more invasive procedures, this one is minimally invasive and treats the problem on the surface of the skin.

There are many different ways to thread the nose, but attaching a thread to each side of the nasal hump is the most common technique. These threads are then tightened up to pull the skin back towards the bridge of the nose.

This technique is most commonly used on Hispanic skin types but can also be used on Caucasians. And the significant advantage of nose thread lifting is that it takes less than an hour for treatments to be done, with only slight discomfort to the

No Visible Scarring

Both men and women have undergone nose thread lifts because they pose no risk of scarring or significant bleeding.

It is believed that the fresh tissue doesn’t have the time to heal before the subsequent surgery, leading to scarring. Research indicates that the only thing which will cause scarring is too much pressure on the face.

This can be a lot of pressure from a surgeon or the patient after the surgery. So, it can be concluded that nose thread lifting will not cause scarring due to it not being a surgery.

100% Effective

Nose thread lifting is a safe, effective method for treating drooping or sagging nasal skin. The doctor usually performs an experienced, certified cosmetic surgeon in their office.

 Yastrid Nose thread lift Effect

The procedure will take approximately 1 hour to complete, and you can expect to return to your regular activities very soon after the thread is removed.

The procedure is 100% effective in lifting the drooping or sagging skin due to aging or injury. This will in an immediate visible result with an improved nose appearance to feel more confident. Nose thread lifting is also effective in nasal obstruction or breathing difficulty.

 Low cost

So many people have found that medical treatments are just too expensive for them to afford. There is a new option for people looking to find affordable medical treatment for their cosmetic concerns.

The nose thread lift is one of the most popular body treatments. This inexpensive treatment isn’t medical but is still effective. It is a great way to reduce wrinkles and worry lines without surgery.

Nose thread lifting is low-cost and effective because it is a non-surgical alternative to rhinoplasty. It is an option for those who are not eligible for surgery, are not candidates for surgery, seek a less radical or more conservative surgery, or are looking for an alternative to surgery.

Local Anaesthesia is Used

Local anesthesia is a medication that numbs the body area where a procedure is performed. It is a way to reduce the pain and feelings of discomfort that you would otherwise experience. This means that a nose thread lift can be much more comfortable to experience.

It is now being used as an option for those patients who would like to avoid general anesthesia. Local anesthesia is often used to numb the area before and during a surgical procedure and may be used with other less invasive techniques such as a laser ablation procedure.

Suitable for Lifting a Flat Nasal Bridge

A flat nasal bridge can affect both one’s appearance and breathing. A flat bridge can also make the nose appear shorter, making a person feel less self-confident. A nasal bridge lift is a simple procedure that can address the problem.

Nasal thread lift is a safe and effective procedure for correcting flat nasal bridges. The threading is performed on the inside of the nose, so there is no visible scarring. It is performed using the thread to stimulate the lower edge of the nose, then lift it to create a more appealing slimmer nose. Many people resort to thread lift as the first step to creating an inch of an attractive nose bridge.

The procedure is also performed on an outpatient basis to complete your normal activities the same day.

Combine Nose Thread Lift with Nose Fillers for Perfect Aesthetic Results

Nose thread lifts are often combined with filler injections to achieve the best results. The filler material used for the injection is usually made from hyaluronic acid, and it can provide you with a more youthful and fuller appearance. The filler material will also help to soften and fill out the bridge of the nose and other

While a thread lift lifts the nasal bridge, the filler smoothens any dorsal humps or bumps for more natural aesthetic results. And remember to use just a little filler and the threads for a perfect outcome!

Yastrid Nose Thread Lift Before After


Nasal Thread Lifting is an effective way to remove nasal folds and generally unify the profile of the nose. It also is the only way to lift the tip of the nose. So, it is one of the safest and most effective ways to improve the appearance of your nose.

It’s minimally invasive, considers both the tip and the bridge of the nose, and there are no necessary recovery periods after the operation is completed.

It is also 100% natural. There are no incisions on the skin’s surface, which will make recovery easier for the patient who undergoes this type of surgery.

So, do you have an interest in a nose thread lift? I bet now you’re assured whether to go for one or not. There’s always a significant difference of nose threads before and after. In fact with quality products and services from Yastrid Medical Aesthetics, you’ll never regret going for one!

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