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Yastrid PDO Thread Features

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  1. 1. Skin Layer(Epidermis and Dermis)------Brightens skin and regenerates collagen

  2. Yastrid PDO Thread promotes local tissue microcirculation, strengthen cell regeneration and tissue repair capabilities, hydrate skin, improve skin hydration and brighten, and improve pigmentation. 

  3. Yastrid pdo thread penetrates into the dermis layer, and branches serve as cell growth scaffolds, stimulating collagen regeneration and elastic fiber reorganization, and regenerating connective tissue scaffolds for long-lasting support. At the same time, the skin restores elasticity, elasticity, firmness and fine lines disappear.

  4. 2. Subcutaneous Tissue------Filling

  5. Using Yastrid PDO thread to build a three-dimensional three-dimensional network to support the full and collapse of subcutaneous tissue as a whole, while promoting subcutaneous blood circulation and making the skin rosy and shiny.

  6. 3. Adipose Tissue------Firm skin

  7. When we insert into PDO Thread, the needle of thread pierces adipose tissue, decomposes subcutaneous fat through the thread body, causes fat to reorganize, and plays a role in tightening and shaping.

  8. 4. SMAS(Superficial musculoaponeurotic system)------Deeply Face Liftin

  9. Tightly grasp the source of skin relaxation, deep-tighten the skin to fully lift and reset, gradually increase elasticity with time, and at the same time, the effect is natural and the epidermal skin is not tight.


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