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PCL Nose Thread Lifting 19G 60MM

  • PCL Nose Thread 19G 60MM
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Product Description

Commodity name: PCL Nose Thread
Material of Thread: PloyCaprolactone
Material of Needle:  Stainless Steel (Imported from Japan)
Cannula Type: Half L Cannula
Cannula Guage: 19G
Cannula Length: 60MM
Thread Length:  80MM
Thread Size: USP2
Main Feature: Absorbable Suture
Function: for Nose Shape
Shelf life: 2years
Duration: 2-3years
PCL Nose Thread 19GX60mm

PCL(Polycaprolactone) is a semi crystalline polymer. It is Chemical synthesis and biodegreadable polymer material. It can be completely biodegradable plastic surgical sutures. Since it’s soft medical material, it mainly used in make the plastic surgery devices, Like PCL face lifting thread.

It’s softer than PDO and PLLA. And the tensile strength is bigger than PDO and PLLA. It can lasting 2-3years. Use PLLA for face plump and elastic effect and PCL for face lifting and nose lifting. Combination of the two can achieve better results.


Advantage of PCL thread:

1) Little discomfort sense: Softer than PDO, PPLA. Little discomfort sense.

2) Effective time: Lasting 2-3years

3) Safety: Biodegradabilty: It can be decomposed into water and carbon dioxide inside the body.


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