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Your Medical Aesthetics Manufacturer and Supplier in China

* Yastrid has over 16 years of experience manufacturing medical aesthetics products
* With us, you will have factory-direct prices; no broker involved
* Receive full support from our customer service department
* We offer 15 days return policy and 90 days exchange period
* CE 2292 and ISO13485 approved
* FREE sample to ensure you top-quality products

Yastrid Medical Aesthetics Products Is Here to Support Your Business

As a professional medical aesthetics products manufacturer and supplier in China, Yastrid has been in the medical aesthetic industry for over 16 years.

We manufacture and supply different kinds of medical aesthetics. All of our products — face lifting threads, injectable dermal filler, microcannula, meso needle, multi-needle, hyaluronic acid essence, and more —  are made from premium imported materials and ingredients.

Yastrid believes in “Quality is our culture.” Hence, we always pay attention to our output. You can request a testing report and free sample; we will provide you with the best medical aesthetic products, tailored to your needs.

  • China Medical Aesthetic Manufacturer
  • Yastrid Certificates

Medical Aesthetics Products With Unbeatable Results

Yastrid Face Lifting Thread

We cover all kinds of PDO, PLLA, and PCL threads that are safe and proven effective – each type has different functions.

Yastrid Microcannula

We made an advanced version of the traditional hypodermic needles called microcannula — a thin, flexible tube that administers injection treatments without bruising the skin.


Meso is a great anti-aging skin-nourishing treatment. We offer various treatment serums with different needle sizes for more accurate patient application.

Hyaluronic Acid Filler

We are a medical aesthetics manufacturer and supplier in China that synthetizes injectable dermal fillers that help restore worry lines and soften creases.

Yastrid Multi Needle

The multi-needle procedure is far more effective than jade rollers. Our multi-needle products are made from Japanese surgical-grade stainless steel — assuring you almost zero pain and skin irritation.

Hyaluronic Acid Essence

Hyaluronic acid helps you achieve dewy, hydrated, and wrinkle-free skin in just a few days. Our hyaluronic acid essence, made with premium ingredients, will do wonders for women of all age groups.

8 Reasons You Won't Regret Choosing Yastrid

  • 16 Years Professional Medical Aesthetics Products Expertise
    Yastrid is an expert in manufacturing and exporting many kinds of medical aesthetics products like face lifting threads, injectable dermal fillers, microcannulas, meso needles, and multi needles.
  • Factory Direct Prices to Maximize Your Profit
    With Yastrid, you will have access to factory-direct prices. That means you can maximize your profit margin since there’s no middleman involved.
  • Low MOQ-1bag/box Available
    As we are manufacturer; we can arrange each order according to your needs. We also have no minimum order quantity requirement, allowing small businesses to enjoy our aesthetics products too.
  • Quality Control Department to Ensure Top-of-The-Line Quality
    Yastrid QC department ensures that all products are tested and meet CE2292 and ISO13485 standards. We are trusted by over 11,000 beauty and medical spas, cosmetics centers, and hospitals worldwide.
  • OEM & ODM to Rocket Your Business
    As a professional threads manufacturer, we have expansive experience in customizing design and logos for our clients.
  • 24/7 Online Support & Free Quote
    We have built an elite team for our sales and marketing over the years. We aim to provide superior consultancy and service for all our customers.
  • Free Sample for Quality Evaluation
    We are ready to send you samples for quality testing before your official order — We are that confident with our products.
  • Return Policy to Ensure Your Business Security
    We offer a 15-day return policy and a 90-day exchange period if encounter any problems with our medical aesthetics products. With Yastrid, your business is safe.

What Our Clients Are Saying

Carlos Espinola
Carlos Espinola -- Switzerland

Cooperated with Yastrid for more than 5 years, they always give me the best quality dermal fillers and threads. The service team is very professional. Yastrid is a trustworthy supplier. Absolutely!

Michelle McNeil
Michelle McNeil -- Germany

I requested from hospital admin to start the practice I offer and got approved, showing them we offer Yastrid dermal fillers and other products.  I started with breast lift operations, Yastrid dermal fillers worked nicely. The customer service is always great, and they are easy to work with, and they respond quickly.

Dinh Ngoc Duc
Dinh Ngoc Duc- - Vietnam

The service is not only professional but also very friendly. The delivery is quicker than any other; most times they send me free products to try! I get free sample threads. They really help me grow my business. This is the best company and service IN THE WORLD. I love Yastrid, my patients are all happy with the results.

Faby Esparza
Faby Esparza -- Mexico

I have used your Yastrid products, and they have been as effective as Juvederm and Restylane, original cross-linked hyaluronic acid products.

Santos Bladimir
Santos Bladimir -- USA

As a businessman, I always put more emphasis on products’ quality and fast delivery. Yastrid is such a good supplier. I appreciate the full support in the past four years with this Medical Aesthetics Manufacturer and Supplier in China.

Elena Makarenko
Elena Makarenko -- Russia

I am a doctor; I had tried many different brand filler and threads, but Yastrid is best. My patients are happy with the effect. Yastrid staff is extremely cooperative, informative, and very helpful regarding product information and how to order.

Keisha Stephenson
Keisha Stephenson - UK

Yastrid PDO threads always exceed my expectations. Order received, super-fast delivery!

William Adams
William Adams -- USA

When it comes to quality, I think nothing can beat Yastrid. They are a true leader in the world of aesthetic medicine. I have been with them for over seven years. I have grown my beauty medical spa with them.

We Will Help You Grow Your Business | Safety and Assurance

15-Day Return Promise

Once you buy from Yastrid, if you are not happy for any reason, you can contact us to return your parcel. We want to establish trust with all our business partners.

90-Day Exchange Policy

We are confident that all of Yastrid’s products can meet and even surpass international standards. If you have problems with quality, please contact our after-sales service department and make an application for exchange.

Resend If Customs Hold

We understand the hassle faced by customers if their parcel was blocked. In this case, simply contact our after-sales service department to confirm and rearrange the package.

Yastrid-China Top Quality PDO Thread Supplier

Yastrid Is a Supplier With Love and Social Responsibility

Child labour is prohibited
Child Labour Is Prohibited

Yastrid labors are the pillars of our organization. We do not support child labor because children should go to school, not for work.

Health and Safety Working Environment
Safety Working Environment

Yastrid protects its workers’ rights at work. We pay attention to our workers’ health by ensuring the working conditions are safe and production takes place under all safety measures.

Working Hourse and Wages
Working Hours and Wages

We pay wages to laborers as per their standard working hours, set by labor laws in China. No labor is overburdened, and no overtime work is required. We make sure that each one of them has time to spend with their families.

Contact Yastrid and Take Your Business to the Next Level

Quick Quote


Can we do a mix order?

Sure, we have no minimum order requirement, one bag or box is acceptable for your quality test. You can mix your order types and sizes.

Can I put my own logo (OEM)?

Yes! As a professional medical aesthetics manufacturer and supplier in China, we have rich OEM experience for bigger companies and brands. Please share with us your logo or idea, our professional team will be eager to provide you with a solution.

Can I pay by credit card?

Absolutely, PayPal or Alipay is acceptable; we also accept T/T and Western Union

When will you arrange dispatch once I pay you?

It depends on your order quantity, usually we can send out your packages within 3-7 working days after paid. If you opt for rush order, please do not hesitate to contact us.

How long does it take to get my order?

If your order quantity is normal, you will get the package within 5-7 working days after it has been sent out. But if your order is big; we will arrange partial shipment.

We ran out of aesthetics products, can you do a rush order?

Since we are a huge medical aesthetics manufacturer and supplier in China with massive connections, we can arrange our production flexibly for you. If you need your order urgently, please contact us. We will do our best to support your business.